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Get personal and professional documents notarized and save time for yourself and/or your business.

Starting at $25
Restrictions apply

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Submit your documents for notarization from your computer, smartphone, or tablet easily with the help of a live notary public via video conference.

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Get personal and professional documents notarized fast and reduce transaction time to minutes with 24/7/365 availability.

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Helps you stay safe and secure with 3-factor authentication that provides heightened ID validation and fraud protection and even enjoy an audit trail of all activity.



Person taking a photo of a document on their cell phonePerson taking a photo of a document on their cell phone

1. Upload documents

Access the documents you wish to be notarized from your email, by taking a picture on your phone, or through cloud storage services. Then, simply upload them.

Person taking a photo of their government issued ID on their cell phonePerson taking a photo of their government issued ID on their cell phone

2. Prove your identity

Verify your identity by taking a picture of your government issued ID and answering a few questions.

A guy on headset having a video conference onlineA guy on headset having a video conference online

3. Connect with a live notary

Connect with a licensed notary public by video conference. The notary will confirm your identity, witness your signature, and assist as needed.

A person working on a laptop saving and sharing documentsA person working on a laptop saving and sharing documents

4. Save & share documents

Download and share your newly notarized documents as needed.

A person participating in a online notarization of their document with an online notaryA person participating in a online notarization of their document with an online notary

Get Notarized

FedEx Office online notary with Notarize℠ is safe, fast, and entirely remote. Just have your camera and microphone ready, follow the four steps, and get notarized in no time.

Frequently asked questions

Can I have a document notarized at a FedEx Office location?

Documents can only be notarized online on your own device with audio and visual capabilities; however, a FedEx Office location can help you before and after your online notary session.  Save important paperwork to a flash drive or the cloud by scanning it at a FedEx Office near you. After your online notary session, use FedEx Office® Print & Go to print your notarized documents quickly and easily from email, a flash drive, or the cloud.


Need to ship hard copies of your notarized document(s)? Get them where you want, when you want. Choose from speedy, reliable FedEx Express®, affordable, fast FedEx Ground® or ship even farther with FedEx® international shipping.


When can I get a document notarized?

Documents can be notarized 24 hours per day, 7 days per week, 365 days a year. Notarize Customer Support hours can be found here.

How much does it cost to get a document notarized?
A single document can be notarized for $25. If your document requires more than one notary seal, each additional notary seal will cost $10 but most documents only require one.
What do I need for online notarization?
  • The document(s) that need to be notarized.
  • A device with audio and video capabilities. See the minimum system requirements here.
  • A valid government–issued photo ID. Find the list of acceptable forms of identification here.
  • A U.S. social security number for secure identity verification.
What types of documents can be notarized online?

Most documents can be notarized online using this platform, with a few exceptions of documents that have unique restrictions. Always check with your own advisors and document recipients if you have any questions about whether your documents may be notarized online. For more information on documents with unique restrictions, see this article.


Can two or more signers get their signatures notarized in a single meeting?

Yes. Click here to create a multi-signer transaction. Signers have the flexibility to complete a transaction together on a shared device, simultaneously on multiple devices, or in separate notary meetings. Signers who miss the initial meeting can still get their signatures notarized in a subsequent notary meeting..


Is online notarization legal?

Yes! Remote online notarization is just another method of performing notarizations. A remotely notarized document is as legally valid as one notarized via traditional paper-based notarization.


Can I notarize a document for use outside the United States?


No. The requirements for the online notarization of documents that are to be used in another country differ by state and are not automatically enforced by the Notarize platform. Also, an apostille granted by the notary’s commissioning state is usually needed to authenticate these documents for use in a foreign country, and most states have not developed a process for issuing apostilles for electronically notarized documents. Finally, use of the platform for these documents can implicate various laws that the platform is not configured to comply with such as the data privacy laws of the foreign country.


Being as we are unable to ensure that you will be connected with a notary from a state that issues apostilles for these documents or that the notarization will comply with the necessary legal requirements, we recommend that you bring your document to a traditional notary to complete your notarization.


For additional assistance, please refer to the full Notarize FAQs .


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